I’m a Master!

On August 3, 2013, I graduated from The University of Alabama with my master’s degree in advertising and public relations.  I did it.  I’m a master!

A year ago I packed up my car and moved 700 miles away from everything I knew and everyone I loved to start a new chapter of my life.  I moved into an apartment in Tuscaloosa by myself, and I struggled for weeks on end trying to get used to being on my own.  I started my graduate program with one goal: work hard and get that degree.  But through the long days, sleepless nights, endless papers and near-impossible exams, I gained so much more.  I fell in love with the incredible town of Tuscaloosa, but mostly, I fell in love with my amazing classmates.  They are an incredibly talented and amazing group of individuals, and I would not have survived the program without them.  When I had no one else to talk to, I had them.  When no one else understood the pressure or the frustrations I was feeling, they understood.  When I just wanted to give up and say “screw it,” they reminded me why I was there.  I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am today without the support of my classmates and fellow masters.

For a year I complained how much I hated the program, the classes, the professors and everything else in between.  And despite how much I complained, I now know that getting my master’s degree was the right decision.  When I was giving my final presentation to my client on July 31st, I knew that I had the knowledge, talent and abilities to conquer the PR world.  The campaign my partner and I developed wasn’t perfect by any means, and looking back there are things I wish I had added and changed.  BUT, I never would’ve been able to do that a year ago.  The creative elements, designs, advertisements, social media ideas and overall campaign we put together is a direct result of the knowledge I gained during my time at The University of Alabama.

A year after moving into my apartment in Tuscaloosa, I’m back in Florida and living with my boyfriend.  It isn’t easy being back, and I miss Tuscaloosa terribly, but there’s truly no place like home.  I’m ready to take on the PR world, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Thank you Alabama for a truly incredible year.  ROLL TIDE!

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Christina Bockisch is a passionate advocate for mental health and believes that sharing her story is the best way to help break the stigma surrounding mental illness. When she's not writing for her blog, Christina enjoys participating in mud runs, spending time with her dog, baking cookies and watching Harry Potter or Star Wars marathons on TV.

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