18 06, 2017

What I Tell Myself on My Darkest Days With Depression

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I’m at the point in my current battle with depression where I’m tired. Tired of not sleeping. Tired of feeling awful every single day. Tired of feeling like I have to be strong all the time. Tired of fighting so damn hard to do the things that are so easy for everyone else. I’m going through some of the darkest days I’ve ever experienced. And it’s wearing me down. I don’t know how much fight I have left in me. I’ve struggled with suicidal thoughts in the past. After I attempted suicide when I was 17, I always said I [...]

2 06, 2017

How Exercise Helps Me Cope With Depression and Anxiety

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I’ve been going through a rough patch lately, and I’m experiencing one of the worst waves of depression I’ve had in a long time. I didn’t even realize it was depression at first because it wasn’t the “struggling to get out of bed” sadness I’m used to feeling. Instead, I was happy, bubbly and confident during work – always laughing and joking with my boss during our morning calls and being my usual sassy self in group chats. But I was struggling to focus on my work, there was this pit in my stomach that just wouldn’t go away and [...]

26 05, 2017

You Are Enough: A Letter to My 14-Year-Old Self

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Christina, I know you’re going through some stuff right now. And I know you don’t know how to take it, what it all means or what the future holds for you. I know you feel lost and scared. Hopeless and weak. Tired and angry. I know you’re being bullied by every kid in 8th grade. In class, in the hallways, in the locker room, on the bus and even online. I know you don’t know what to do, and I know it’s wearing you down. You’ve tried standing up for yourself, but it only gets worse. So you stay quiet [...]

19 05, 2017

Why I Speak Out About My Struggles With Mental Illness

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When I was first diagnosed with depression and anxiety, there weren’t many resources out there about mental health. For the most part, it was websites that read like a cheesy pamphlet from a doctor’s office. “Are you feeling sad or lonely? If so, call this number.” This was back in 2003-2004, and while the Internet was definitely around, not a lot of people were talking about living with mental illness or life in recovery. I felt alone, hopeless and empty – even though I knew deep down there had to be more people going through the same experiences as me. [...]

10 09, 2015

We’ll See You Tomorrow: World Suicide Prevention Day 2015

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On Monday, To Write Love on Her Arms launched their annual campaign for National Suicide Prevention Week and World Suicide Prevention Day. This year's theme is "We'll See You Tomorrow." It's a theme that resonated with me because when you're struggling with mental illness or contemplating suicide, it's easy to forget that there's something brighter ahead. You forget that there's always tomorrow. There's a stigma surrounding mental illness and suicide. It's something we're told not to talk about. If you speak out and share your story, people say you're crazy or that you're just looking for attention. The amount of [...]

5 02, 2015

5 Common Myths About Self-Injury

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[WARNING: If you have a history with self-injury, this post may be triggering.] After moving to Florida when I was 13, I found myself slipping into a dark depression. I didn't realize that it was depression at the time. I just knew that I felt different. Growing up, I had a strong group of friends, I was involved in sports (even though I was terrible) and I was happy. But when we moved to Florida, something was...different. I lost all interested in the things I loved, I had no interest in making friends and I found myself feeling sad most of [...]

16 01, 2015

6 Things I Learned After I Attempted Suicide

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Surviving a suicide attempt is probably one of the most traumatic, life-altering events anyone can go through. It's one of those things that so many people have an opinion about yet few people really understand. Making the decision to end your life is hard. But living through it? It's even harder. When you survive a suicide attempt, you're going to feel a range of emotions - anger, disappointment, depression, relief, nerves, numbness, etc. None of these emotions are wrong. They're all just part of the process. As time goes on, you begin to come to terms with what happened. For some people, [...]

11 12, 2014

What it’s Like Living with Anxiety

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When I woke up this morning, I thought "today is going to be like any other day." And for the most part, it has been. Except during my lunch break, I decided to put together a list of what I was going to get everyone for Christmas. When I got done with the list, I went back and added up the costs, and it came out to over $500. For most people, that may not seem like that much. But for me, that's a price I can't afford to pay this year. And almost instantly, I began to feel anxious. For [...]

6 11, 2014

Why I Have No Real Reason to be Depressed

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For many of us who suffer from depression, we have no “real reason” to be depressed. We’re not living in poverty, our homes may not be broken and we have a world of opportunities at our fingertips. So why are we still depressed? Because depression isn’t that simple. It doesn’t discriminate between those who “have it easy” and those who don’t have much at all. Depression doesn’t care if you’re young or old, single or married or even whether you’re wealthy or poor. Depression affects all types of people…even the people who shouldn’t be depressed at all. Growing up, I [...]

12 09, 2014

We All Have a Story. This is Mine.

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We all fight battles that no one else knows about, and we all have a story to tell.  Some of us choose to keep our stories private, while others share them with the world in hopes that our struggles and our recovery will inspire someone else. For me, I choose to share my stories with the world.  I know the power a story of hope and recovery can have.  For myself, the stories of others has played a significant role in my long journey with depression, anxiety, self-injury and suicide.  I wonder where I would be if I hadn't heard [...]