About Christina With A Ch

My life has always felt unreal, crazy and just plain mad. I spent a lot of time daydreaming and living in my imagination. I created stories to cope with reality, and I turned to pen and paper when all hope felt lost.

And that’s how My Life in Wonderland started.

It was an online diary of sorts. A way to document what I was going through in hopes I could make sense of it all. I wrote about everything from my college classes and student government to my favorite music and must-see movies. It was scatter-brained, but I didn’t care. It’s not like anyone would read my blog anyway.

All that changed my senior year of college when random people started finding my blog. The more I wrote about meaningful topics, the more people were finding this website. And thus began a shift in the way I approached my posts.

Things have changed dramatically over the past seven years – including the name of this blog. But as my writing evolved, I needed a name that reflected who I am now.

Why “Christina With A Ch”?

It’s kind of a weird name – right?

But every time I go somewhere – whether it’s a pharmacy, doctor’s office, car dealership or restaurant – I’m always asked, “Is that Christina with a K or a Ch?”

Now, it’s become a habit for me to say “Christina With A Ch,” and it just felt like the perfect name for this blog.

I wish I had a cooler explanation, but that’s it, y’all.