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You Are Not Alone

Throughout my journey, I’ve learned that our stories have the ability to impact the lives of others. People need other people, and we weren’t meant to carry the weight of the world alone. Sometimes, all you need to hear is that you’re not alone and that someone just like you has overcome a similar battle.

My goal of Christina With A Ch is to be 100% raw, real and honest. To share my truths and be my authentic self. I refuse to shy away from topics that are taboo just because they make others uncomfortable. Although it’s not always easy to talk about, these are the stories people need most.

I make myself vulnerable because I know the difference it makes. My hope is that by putting myself out there, one person can realize that they’re not alone.

Your story matters. You are not alone. And your best and brightest days are still ahead.

Welcome to my story.

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